Friday, February 02, 2007

Kinda Curious About That Bay City Times Job...?

Who’s the guy in the Central cap, Buddy Holly glasses and Canada jacket standing in front of the tridge?
Y’know, they say that cat Foz is a bad mutha…
Shut yo mouth.
But I’m talking;’ ‘bout Foz.
Oh, we can dig it.

So, after absolutely no news for over a month from The Bay City Times, I decided to call up the editor in chief and just ask flat out what the results of the contest were and if I got the gig as cartoonist. It came as no surprise when he didn’t answer the phone, resulting in me leaving him a message. It came as even less a surprise when it took him over a week to call me back. Bottom line is, I didn’t get the gig. He told me that Stoutheart and Cholly (the strip I submitted) was the lowest-voted strip out of all those in the running. The highest voted strip was one about senior citizens. And as he pointed out that senior citizens make up the bulk of The Times’ core demographic, it kinda made sense. He went further to explain that the voters wanted the familiarity of the older strips (i.e. Garfield, Marmaduke, etc.) as well as new strips about old people, so that’s what he wanted to provide. That was basically the end of the conversation. He implied that if I wanted to do the occasional editorial comic for very little pay that such options were still open, but knowing my firm stance on cartooning being my career rather than an unpaid hobby, he knew I wasn’t interested anyway. I took the news well enough. Seeing as how The Times didn’t alert me when the contest began, never called me when the contest was over, and took a week to reply after I called them, I knew we weren’t meant for each other. So that’s the end of that minor saga, for those curious as to how it would unfold. And unfold it did. Quite wrinkly, and with a musty aroma. Fortunately, I’ve cut a fresher pattern from a whole new fabric in the form of Interlude Magazine, who’s kept me in good supply of assignments. Whether or not a steady position on their staff is on the horizon is impossible to forecast. But for now, it’s good work, good people, good pay and good exposure. And though two wrongs don’t make a right and two rights don’t make a left, four goods make me happy. ‘Nuff said.

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