Friday, June 16, 2006

The Cartooning Gig Pipes Come Unclogged...

The pessimist within will surely hate me for saying this, but honestly, things are going pretty well right now, artistically speaking. As mentioned in my last post, Interlude Magazine gave me my third assignment, this time illustrating a humorous column about the evolution of technology. I did three cartoons for it, including another cartoon for the Granholm/DeVos story that I was assigned to prior to THIS assignment. All this new work can be seen in Interlude Magazine on July 1st when it hits newsstands. Incidentally, I've discovered that most coffee houses in the tri-cities carry Interlude as well, so if you are a regular at your local javatorium, you may just come across my stuff. Here's a sample of my work for the upcoming issue. It aludes to a bit in the column that forcasts celebrity ice fishing as the next big reality show.

I've also been getting caricature work from unforseen sources lately. I was visiting my birth-mom (as opposed to my adoptive mom) a week or so back, and a client of hers who knew of my work commissioned me to draw a caricature of her parents for their 50th anniversary, with them flanked by their six grandchildren. Long story short, it paid great and turned out very well. Check it out for yourself:

Then late last night I received an e-mail from an employee of Dow Chemical, saying she was looking for a local caricaturist to draw a retirement caricature of someone, and asked me to quote her a price. So I did. By this morning I received another e-mail from her, saying she'd seen my website, really liked my work and was considering having me draw TWO caricatures now. The deal will be closed by this monday and I'm excited to see what I'll be producing.

So that's about it for now. Keep checking back to see what's happening next in the world of the Foz. Seriously, come back frequently. My website needs the traffic and it's gettin' lonely around here.


Allison said...

Awesome, Jay....way to go!! Seems like things are looking up. Don't forget me when you're famous ;-)

Mitch from CMU said...

All your stuff still lookin good! Congrats on your success